Friday, 2 July 2010

England, Tennis....and Money

So this is where it begins I guess. Lately I've been thinking of doing something like this and never getting round to it- one of those things you keep putting aside like paying bills- but the time has come for me to get out there- you poor lot ! A little about me first- I'm 36, divorced, with a little boy who's everything to me. I suppose I should tell you that I'm religious- and that God may come into these posts- after all, he guides everything I do. I'm not some Ned Flanders type though before you all click the red cross- no judgements will be made !
So this week sport's been at the forefront of my mind- hard for it not to be what with the World Cup and Wimbledon in full swing ! And that's what I want to talk about- especially England.
We all know how bad they were, from the awful 0-0 against Algeria to the 4-1 drubbing by the dreaded foe- but just how did it happen? How did we get so bad? I think the answer lies with cold hard cash. Imagine getting paid £120,000 a week . Just try to imagine it . No, neither can I. A footballer gets paid more in one week than the Prime Minister gets paid in a year. They earn more in a year than most people would in a lifetime. For playing football. Now don't get me wrong- I'm a fanatical England fan but surely there has to be a limit! I don't know about you but I like to think I'm pretty good at my job- I work hard, I do long hours, and try to give that little bit extra. If Rooney, Lampard et al applied that philosophy to their jobs we'd be celebrating an England vistory in the World Cup final next week. Because that's all people would like them to do- do the job they're paid very handsomely for to the best of their ability- not too much to ask for surely ?
Contrast that with the tennis. Earlier in the week there was a match at Wimbledon between two guys who pushed themselves to superhuman lengths to try and reach the fourth round. They played a match that lasted 11 hours- the longest ever. On the second day of this marathon they played for nine hours straight- pushing their bodies and minds to the limits of human endurance. It was a joy to watch- two guys just doing what they do- but never giving in. Raising their levels of skill with every game virtually until they dropped. They weren't doing it for the money- they were doing it because it meant everything to them. What a difference from the shambles on Sunday- when eleven Englishmen played like they couldn't have cared less.
Because footballers have so much money now they've lost touch with the real world- a world where people have to go out and actually earn money to support their families, a world in which millions live in poverty, a world where for the vast majority life is a daily struggle. I'm not saying we're all perfect- far from it- but these men need to remember where they came from- mostly from working class, honest families.
Anyway, enough said for now- I'll post again soon and thanks for reading !

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